Azamgarh Development Authority
आजमगढ़ विकास प्राधिकरण


Officer's and Employees Name, Designation & Mobile posted at Azamgarh Development Authority

Sr. No. Name of Officers / Employee Position Mobile Number Work
1 Shri Manish Chauhan Commissioner / Chairman 9454417494 -
2 Shri Vishal Bharadwaj District Magistrate / Vice Chairman 9454417521 -
3 Mr. Azad Bhagat Singh Secretary /ADM (F/R) 9454417592 -
4 Shri Praveen Kumar Srivastava Assistant Engineer 9639001890 -
5 Mr. Abhishek Verma Junior Engineer 8795810562 -
6 Shri Heera Lal Gupta Junior Engineer 8299061554 -
7 Mr. Upendra Yadav Junior Engineer 8707862186 -
8 Mr. Ashish Kumar Junior Engineer 9532742240 -
9 Shri Deepu Gautam Accountant 9455400299 -
10 Shri Rakesh Rai Clerk 8853297594 -
11 Shri Sheo Nath Ram Account Assistant 9450732375 -
12 Shri Jitendra Vishwakarma Personal Assistant (Secretary) 9125478888 -

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